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Melt-A-Ways-P.O.G. Passion Orange Guava

Melt-A-Ways-P.O.G. Passion Orange Guava

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The combination of smooth, rich texture with sweet, buttery taste of a classic local flavour of P.O.G. Juice and a hint of mint .  These little sweet treats are heavenly. 

 Just like the mints of choice that were served at many wedding receptions years ago but with a local twist.

1.75 oz per order

Ingredients:  Sugar, Butter, Cream, Natural Passion, Natural Orange, Natural Guava, Peppermint Oil, Salt.  

*** Cream is caramelized to make shelf stable and will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks. While not necessary to refrigerate once opening we do recommend refrigerating the mints to keep fresh longer. 

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