Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cookies individually sealed?

Yes, each cookie is individually heat sealed in oxygen barrier bag.

How long do the cookies last?

The cookies will last 2-3 weeks on the counter if the bag is unopened. A great tip is to freeze right away, what you will not enjoy in the first few days and this will prolong the shelf life several months if cookies are put in the freezer right away.

Do you recommend putting the cookies in the refrigerator to keep fresh?

Cookies will stay fresh in the Freezer for 3 months if you get the cookies in right away. To defrost, simply put them on the counter the day before enjoying or set in front of a fan for a couple hours.

How long until the cookies arrive?

We bake and ship the cookies three days a week. From the time of shipping the cookies time varies by service selected, carrier and where they are shipping to

UPS 2nd Day Air to the mainland takes 2-4 business days.
UPS Ground estimated shipping timelines are as follows:
   + West Coast 3 Days
   + Midwest 3-4 Days
   + East Coast/ Canada/ Puerto Rico- 4-5 Days
USPS (Postal Service Priority Mail)
   + West Coast 4-5  Days
   + Midwest 5-6 Days
   + East Coast/ Canada/ Puerto Rico- 7-10 Days

UPS is the fastest shipping method.  
 In anticipation...We individually heat seal each cookie to keep fresh for three weeks so not to worry if cookies are a bit delayed.
Postal carriers are working hard and doing the best they can.

Why is the first available shipping day so far away?

We are a tiny bakery and limited to how many cookies we can make a day. Each small batch is hand rolled and not machine made. This is what makes our cookies special. When the shipping slots fill up, our website will automatically roll over to the next available day that has an open shipping availability.

Is the price for one cookie?

Yes, each cookie is about 6oz /3 servings with the exception of the Half Baked that is 8oz. They are like mini cakes and very large. Each order is one giant sized cookie. 

Where are you located on Maui?

Our retail shop is located at 3643 Baldwin Ave in the heart of Makawao Town. We are open 7 days a week. Most days are 9-5, Fridays 9-6 and Sundays 10-4.

We sell a limited menu at Maui, Pack n Ship by the Airport. They are open 9-6 M-Fri. The 4 flavors offered there are limited to 

  • Butter Rum Triple Chunker
  • Pineapple Lychee
  • White Choc Mac Nut
  • Butterscotch Kisses

Do you do International Shipping?

We do ship to Canada through our website. We hope to open up additional International Shipping options by the end of the year. If you would like an order shipped internationally please email support@themauicookielady.com

Return/Refund Policy

All of our cookies are made using high quality ingredients and to ensure freshness we individually heat seal each cookie in a high oxygen barrier bag.

If you find that our cookies do not meet your standards please return unused/uneaten portion to the address below along with proof of purchase and we will gladly replace, exchange or refund your order for cookie bought directly from our kitchen on Maui.

Cookies purchased at our partner locations;

Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea, Four Seasons, Saks Fifth Ave can not be guaranteed. 

The Maui Cookie Lady (Mailing/Offices) 
1075 Makawao Ave Box 1646
Makawao, Hi 96768
The Maui Cookie Lady (Retail Store)
3643 Baldwin Ave 
Makawao, Hi 96768